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Beyond the Indigo Children

One of Inner Tradition's 24 best selling titles for the year August '06 through August '07.

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Bear & Company
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1591430518

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Authors Note: My goal with this book is to put the various claims, visions, prophecies, and ideas about what is happening to our children and our world into perspective. Throughout my research of child experiencers of near-death states, I have been observing children in general - especially those born since 1982. These news ones are unlike children of any previous generation. Yet to understand them, one must also have a better understanding of our times: the Mayan "Suns," prophecies of apocalypse and tribulation, the root races, generational imprinting, social ages, the great shifting and the great ages, human evolution and what ahead of us. After a great deal of research, cross-checking my material, and times spent in deep prayer and meditation, the book came together. It is very pointed and specific, yet a little sassy - like the new kids are. I have felt right along that it was my duty to write this book, as if I "owed" the world this information. I am overjoyed with the result of my efforts and with the dedication of Inner Traditions to bring this project to light. People ask about the "Indigo Children," and I say read this book. You will be very surprised at what you find! -PMH


"Beyond the Indigo Children by P. M. H. Atwater, explains the grand sweep of human evolution and the worldwide ascension of energy now occurring - which will take humanity to its next level of advancement. A must read for anyone who seeks to better understand and help the new children achieve their potential."
....Sancta Sophia Seminary, Oklahoma

P.M.H. Atwater’s latest book Beyond the Indigo Children is a five-alarm wake up call. For anyone who hasn’t noticed the speeding up of time and the exponential growth of stimulation in our lives this book describes the almost dizzying rate of acceleration. Atwater addresses the challenges humanity faces at this juncture in our evolution and presents both perils and promises on the uncertain path to the future.

Combining the seemingly contradictory languages of ancient wisdom, philosophy, prophecy and leading edge science she tackles the difficult task of defining the current landscape and framing the context of the dilemmas we face. Guiding the reader through diverse background information from indigenous traditions and prophecy about the unique nature of our time we are introduced to the unsettling characteristics of the “new children.”  

Atwater argues that these kids, mostly born since the early eighties, have been mistakenly labeled as Indigo Children because of the color of their auras, the normally invisible energy fields surrounding our bodies.

Drawing from new research in this area she offers alternative categories to describe the influences and characteristics of the newest generations. 

Whatever we call them the new generations Atwater describes are diverse, sensitive, honest, angry, startlingly intelligent and decidedly different. Prone to like science they process data in different ways and are comfortable with the abstract, providing parents and teachers profound challenges.  
This is a thought-provoking and mind-bending book with themes of genetic mutation and lightning fast adaptation as central themes. I highly recommend Beyond The Indigo Children to anyone interested in making sense of the times in which we live. It should be required reading for all educators and parents who are grappling with guiding and caring for this new breed. Nothing less than our future is at stake.
...Julie Gillentine

"Dr. Atwater has created here an incredibly comprehensive, totally lucid and well-researched Primer, Guide, Bible, Textbook on the New Children who have come to this Earth, and even newer ones yet to come. She has carefully painted a Big Picture, or as she says, a story, taken from her many decades of research, and multitudinous sources, presented in simple, understandable language so even the uninitiated can fully comprehend its content.

"To give a complete picture, she explores many prophecies, old and new, from many peoples, and how they all seem to fit together and complement each other. She speaks of the coming Troubles that are even now in the making. These will be brought on by major changes Earth is now, and will be going through, in the near future. She has given a timetable or periods when changes will occur. These changes will seriously affect Earth's societies, governments, and population - as well as the climate. She points out all these things so that the reader can understand the process and the steps and, thus, can hopefully prepare, critical to survival. While all this may seem far fetched, it has been spoken of by prophets of old and by large numbers of people, including many Near-Death Experiencers of which Dr. Atwater is one, all seeing essentially the same thing. In the 30 years I have spent exploring, experiencing, and working in the far reaches of the Unknown, I have written about, lectured on, explained to many what she says here, but never in the comprehensive, well-presented form she has done in this book. Truth is TRUTH!
"The main and most important part of her book, however, is not what was or is to be, but really to explain the New Children: who they are, why they are here, their characteristics, how to recognize them, how to best treat and teach them. There are several waves of them, each wave having a particular impact upon the evolution of the human race. She further explains how this human evolution is taking increasing quantum leaps with each wave of children, particularly with their level of intelligence and scope of knowledge that is far beyond what anyone might imagine. These children will have to be recognized, acknowledged, accepted, raised, and taught differently than now. They will be challenged for sure! So, what are we to do? Dr. Atwater provides practical and very helpful suggestions, programs for recognizing, parenting, and enabling these New Children to adjust and cope with their environment. I recommend two chapter as MUST READING: 'New Ways to Educate' (especially for parents, teachers, and educators); and 'Zippies, Tweens, and Mini-Me's.' I am inclined to add 'Moving into NOW' as a powerful wisdom chapter to finish with! This is one book that will be read and reread, and reread again and again!
" TRUTH is a powerful energizer when recognized. It leaps from the pages here. Yes, it grabbed me by the shoulders, made me constantly leap up, raise my fisted arms and scream, 'YES!' to the world! Of course, it made me hoarse but I consider it well worth it. I can only say that if I were a young parent, a parent to be, or contemplating parenthood, this book would be my well-read Bible.
" ... Roger Pile, Ph.D. Retired Businessman, Parapsychologist

"PMH Atwater's pioneering work in near-death experiences has paved the way for a new way of being, and living. Now in 'The New Children and The Fifth World' she beckons us to drop our fears and dogmas and grow into the conscious, spiritual beings that we are. Certainly consciousness has a plan, and she is the guide. "In 'The New Children and The Fifth World," she provides extensive research, along with her own experience and insight to support the theory that there is an underlying plan to life....that nothing is random. A fascinating read. I couldn't put it down."
. . . Winter Robinson, Author, "A Hidden Order"

"I found 'Beyond the Indigo Children' to be a fascinating, incredibly well-researched and instructive book. It beautifully sums up who and what we are and where we came from, and gives a wonderful recipe for where we're heading and what we should be doing to get there. I think this book is very, very important, and provides a wonderful, grounded 'voice of reason' among all the misinformation that being bandied around about today's children. I love it!"
...Sandie Sedgbeer, Managing Editor "Children of the New Earth" Magazine

BEYOND THE INDIGO CHILDREN: THE NEW CHILDREN AND THE COMING OF THE FIFTH WORLD, a review by Betty Maxwell, Associate Director of the Gifted Development Center, Denver, Colorado. (This review will soon be published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies.)

PMH Atwater has always held to the long view in her books, but Beyond the Indigo Children is an amazing feat of synthesis that takes the new children - those often termed "Indigo" - and places them in a context whose scope boggles the mind. That context includes the vast and the specific, weaving together metaphysics, legends, the new physics, sociology, ecology, child development, gifted education, NDE's, and transformation. There is so much here that the book warrants reading and rereading just to collect and integrate all the fascinating strands. Although it is a stand-alone unit, it benefits from being paired with Children of the New Millennium (renamed The New Children and Near-Death Experiences). Together they evoke hope, concern, awe, expectancy, and relief that a far-reaching plan is unfolding.

While The New Children and Near-Death Experiences focuses on the characteristics of children who are near-death experiencers (one avenue of transformation) and sees a foreshadowing of what's to come, Beyond the Indigo Children explains why such children are making waves on the planet and why this is happening now. Its content is the news of today set in a framework of time almost beyond comprehension, where one cosmic year lasts 25,920 of our earth-years. Such time is measured by the wheeling of galaxies through space, just as earth's orbit around the sun counts off a year for us, or as approximately 2400 years to mark the movement from one astrological age to another, such as the swing from Piscean to Aquarian Ages, also happening now. Grounded in an evolutionary and transformational view, Atwater takes a clear-eyed look at the new children who are supersensitive, confident, antsy, psychic, noncomformist, creative, highly aware, often angry, hard to parent, and challenging to educate. Yet they are also empathetic, creative, gutsy, and great problem solvers. Their most important and unnerving aspect is that they know. They are tuned-in to intuitive understanding and fail to be impressed by what others tell them unless it fits their inner knowledge. A variety of professionals as well as beleaguered parents are recognizing that "the new kids are different," and much has been made of the differences, even to unhealthy adulation. Atwater warns sternly against such limelighting. Her take is that the new children are very like the child near-death experiencers she has been studying for decades. (They also many traits with gifted children - who tend to be sensitive, energetic, empathetic, have their own agendas, and do not automatically respect or obey adults.) She suggests that the new children (and NDE experiencers and gifted children) are forerunners of the full wave of Indigos yet to come. They give us a taste of the future that we do well to heed.

So much is covered in this book that it is difficult to know what to write about. Atwater looks at sociological studies that recognize the "flavors" of various generations (the X Generation, Baby Boomers....), and embeds them within the Hindu context of "root races," or sequential waves of development of humanity itself. We are currently in the fifth of these root races, and the author sees us moving into a flowering or "Ascension" period, the culmination of thousands of years of experience. She pulls together Bible stories, the Jewish Kaballah, genetic studies - such as that of Mitochondrial Eve, almost the mother of us all - astronomy, astrology, Edgar Cayce readings, and Carolyn Myss's description of the chakra system. She speaks of the nooesphere, a term introduced by Teilhard du Chardin to mean that global layer of human thought and interconnection we take for granted today as part of this culmination. Group awareness, interconnectedness, and interdependence appear to be the theme of the now and future time that will eventually bridge into the coming sixth root race, whose thematic color is indigo. It is then that the Indigo Children will flood the earth.

A recurring theme is the synchronicity of 5's. There is the fifth root race, the fifth dimension (intuitional sensing), the fifth chakra - located at the throat and associated with blue, creativity, communication, will (power-over or power-to) - the numerological number 5 (signifying change), and - from child development specialist Joseph Chilton Pearce - a fifth brain. That includes the reptilian, limbic, neocortex, and frontal lobes of the brain, with the fifth brain being the heart. The HeartMath Institute is at the cutting edge of science charting the intelligence of the heart.

All this is happening as we approach "the end of time" according to the Aztec/Mayan calendar, which measures time up to 2012. Then the "Long Count" ends. Many native peoples likewise are expecting an end to things; some are curtailing pregnancy. Atwater reaches back into the mists of ancient wisdom teachings (the Kaballa, Theosophy, the Hindu Vedas, etc.) to reassure us that time recycles rather than ends. Although we are in a portentous time - when the shift from Piscean to Aquarian Ages coincides with a full turn of the Great Cosmic Wheel - when the Long Count ends, the sun will rise the next morning and we will shift into an Ascension of the Fifth World, with its colorings, qualities, problems, challenges, and unique solutions.
Everyone will take away something different from this book. Those interested in the New Age, the new challenges of parenting and educating, the increasing spiral of pressure so evident now, ecological crisis, shifting value systems, spirituality and intuition, or a true Big Picture, will each find sections that fascinate. It is likely that each will interpret what is read as a different blend of insight and fable, but no one will read it without being stirred to ponder what is to come and how our choices can influence the future.


The hypothesis of P. M. H. Atwater's new book suggests that the new children (those born since the early eighties and somehow "different" from the moment of their birth) are the living examples of an evolutionary shift occurring in the human species.Atwater weaves a finely crafted tale of the descent of the human soul from etheric realms of spirit into involvements and entanglements with matter. She leads us through discussions of the root races and onward to a theorized purpose of the Mayan Calendar. "As creation unfolds," Atwater explains, "and as it shifts and re-shifts to accommodate finer frequencies of vibration brought on by the expansion of higher state of consciousness," the evolution of the human family is described.

Her work has provided me with additional wisdom identifying the importance of sharing the keys to the world with children. I have often felt that I learn as much from the children, if not more, than what I attempt to impart to them. I have never taken that privilege lightly. Through her composition, Atwater has illuminated the fact that what I have witnessed for over twenty years as a Montessori Directress has been the most significant activity that I have ever pursued, i.e. the practice of observing children's remarkable growth and development - experienced on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis in an environment prepared for the exploration. I am again drawn to the assertion that I am watching evolution unfold right before my very eyes in the classroom.

Atwater has organized a fascinating journey. Her attention to detail and careful documentation of numerous references lauches the reader into veiled descriptions of sacred legacies that have been passed down through oral tradition. Storytelling: the myths, legends, prophecies, ancient wisdom teachings, collections of revelations gained from dreams, memories, channeling, spirit guidance, and other worldly encounters all speak of an origin in the indistinct, primordial past. But, as she says, "far from being crude tales devised by primitives, certain ancient myths record a sophisticated cosmological science of exceeding brilliance."

Atwater pursued every source of information she could find about the purpose of human existence, about our place in the universe, and the reason for the soul. During her research into the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences, Atwater noticed how similar children born since 1982 were to the children who had experienced their own adventure with NDE and the ways in which they had changed after the occurrence. And, she has a story to tell us about certain postulations relative to creation and consciousness and the challenges we face and how all of this blends into her own experiences and observations.

She goes beyond labels, asserting that the human family is no accident upon this Earth and that there was a plan created by a Source above and beyond all things visible and invisible.

It is the children, the new children, who are here to help lead us through rapid changes. These are the children that P. M. H. Atwater helps us to recognize and welcome through her research. She offers it to us here, in her new work, entitled, "Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World."
.........Carol A. Bye has been a Montessori educator for over twenty years. She is also a student of "A Course in Miracles." She can be reached at