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Future Memory

future memory Sm

  • Paperback: 332 pages
  • Publisher: Hampton Roads Pub Co; 1 edition
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1571741356
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Birch Lane Press (1996)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1-55972-320-3
Virginia, All other United States, Canada/Mexico, or Worldwide.

future memory

"FUTURE MEMORY" is about people who "live" the future before it physically manifests, and remember having done so. This pre-living is so totally real and utterly involved that there is no way to tell the difference between present time and future time while the phenomenon is in progress. Sensory rich, Future Memory suggests that the future can somehow overlay the present, enabling an individual to "rehearse" or prepare in advance for what is about to happen in life. Mistakenly termed "flash forwards" by some researchers, Atwater shows how future memory differs from other modes of futuristic awareness such as clairvoyance, precognition, and deja vu.

"FUTURE MEMORY" stretches the boundaries of what is real and what is not. The innerworkings of creation and consciousness are explored in a spirit of high adventure, along with the big ones: fate and free will, time and space, reality shifts, the higher mind, soul, existence itself, plus revelations about God from Atwater's near-death experiences. Appendices address: differences between altered and transformed consciousness, a conceptual model of space-time relationships, the innerworkings of creation and consciousness via charts, horizontal planes and the number twelve versus "the vertical" and the number thirteen, and the amazing case of Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford (who probably had several near-death episodes as a child and may indeed be the real Shakespeare). Extensive Resource Section. (Author's apologies: two errors in the text somehow passed by the editing process. Page 168, Major Characteristics Chart - Physiological - add "electrical sensitivity." Page 235, last full paragraph, end of fifth line - change "eighteen thousand" to "thirty-two hundred." These and other errors were corrected in the Hampton Roads edition. Thank you)

Author Note: Many revelations were given to me during my three near-death episodes. And then I was told by a voice I call The Voice Like None Other: "Test revelation. You are to do the research. One book for each death." Books Two and Three were named, but not Book One. I was told what was to be in each but not how to do it. "COMING BACK TO LIFE" is now Prelude to the trilogy with "BEYOND THE LIGHT" as Book One and "FUTURE MEMORY" Book Two. The third I am currently writing. When anyone asks me what I have been doing day and night, seven days a week, for nearly twenty years, I answer: "I've been doing my job."

"FUTURE MEMORY," though, is a singular achievement. After eight years and ten different formats, I was ready to burn it. Then, just as I finished taking my shower one morning, The Voice Like None Other suddenly spoke: "Turn it into a labyrinth ," and it showed me how. Literally, the book is engineered, every sentence, every paragraph, every page, to create the labyrinth effect. I also wove into the labyrinth format the latest findings in PET scan brain research, to make certain the book did it's job. . . that of helping you, dear reader, experience a simulated brdeain shift just by reading it. "FUTURE MEMORY" is not a book, it is a brain changer, engineered to give you a boost in a higher brain development
if you read it straight through. Should you skip around or skim the material, you'll miss the 'labyrinth effect.'

I am convinced that the future memory phenomenon is not some new psychic anomaly, but, rather, a reliable signal of higher brain development for the emergence of the higher mind. Reading "FUTURE MEMORY" gets you started. What happens afterward is up to you.

Please tell everyone you know about "FUTURE MEMORY." Get your bookstore to stock it, your favorite newspapers and magazines to write about it. Get the word out. Here is an opportunity for everyone to jumpstart their own brain - so the head and the heart can rejoin. It is time now for the higher mind!


"Do events in your life reflect something that you thought you had previously experienced? If you are thinking deja vu, P.M.H. Atwater says think again. Unlike deja vu that resurrects surreal shadows of the past, Atwater claims that you may find a life-transforming phenomenon she calls a "brain shift" that brings sensory-rich experiences of the future into the present and, at some point later in your life, the actual event triggers the memory of the scenario you are now part of.

This event is no mysterious link with phantom memories or images, Atwater explains. While engaged in the present moment we are simultaneously immersed in a future activity with full mental and sensual awareness. Our recall of the incident "registers in the mind as if a segment of physical reality was just experienced in its complete entirety - as if the future had unfolded in the present." In her new book,
Future Memory (Hampton Roads), Atwater juxtaposes examples from her near-death experiences with interviews from other time travelers to show that transcending space-time dimensions is possible and necessary.

"We remember the future because our true nature is in remembering who and what we really are, and then behaving accordingly."

Atwater finds that trauma triggers future memory. An episode such as a near death experience jump-starts the limbic system and creates a neural network expansion that leads to higher brain development, or brain shift. The consequent shift in consciousness displaces the traditional bias of conditioned existence toward an awakening to higher levels of knowledge or wisdom. However, we can leap into the future with less turbulence than an NDE creates through spontaneous calamity.

Atwater's research shows a discernible pattern of what happens during future memory.

Future memory may last a few seconds to a minute of clock time, while foretelling several hours that later manifest. It can be rather lengthy and encompass several days or months of future activities.

During this brief interlude the time traveler experiences the following: 1) a physical sensation of rushing heat with a feeling of exhilaration; 2) heightened senses, yet nothing moves in the present; 3) a feeling of expansion while surrounding elements diminish; 4) a future scenario manifests without warning or guidance and is nearly impossible to differentiate from the present; 5) the scenario ends as quickly as it began and the present time-space dimension resumes, although there is a lingering feeling that something has happened; 6) emotional aftereffects help to keep the event alive, but eventually it is forgotten or set aside; 7) the future event physically manifests and a key element triggers the memory of the entire affair as having done this before, but with the idea of self control rather than resignation to fate; and 8) a resolution that future memory instills a sense of orderliness or gift from God.

After comparing these experiences with other studies of the inner workings of expanded awareness, Atwater found a future memory development technique through its creator James Van Avery, an electronics design specialist for a Seattle, Washington aerospace company.

Avery created the following exercises after a decade of experimentation and apparently successful replication by others with future memory experiences:

Improve memory exercise . During a quiet time gaze upon a scene, close your eyes and start visualizing it. Repeat this exercise until you can automatically recall the smallest of details with many scenes throughout the day.
Use imagination . Visualize what things may look like behind other objects in order to build confidence in your hunches.
Focus the mind . Know how you keep track of information and avoid details that clutter your thought processes.
Keep records . Your progress will be recorded for positive feedback to guide future performance and build confidence.
Seek patterns and shapes . Never anticipate what an object or scene will be. Rather, trust your imagination to describe what something looks like . Look for shapes and forms of light and dark. Images are usually black & white and contrast is important.
Identify details . Coincidences appear to happen more frequently during future memory exercises. This is often due to an inability to control and identify real, accurate details. Don't dwell on any one detail. Keep moving and piece details later.
Future memory .When advancing to a future event, visualize yourself further ahead than the target time. Then use your memory to remember back to the time you wish to observe. While imagining your position in a room that you can enter in the near future, picture the furniture and look for details. Now go to the room and check for results. Give yourself a score and keep all records.
Transformation. Believe that what you are doing is real, actually happening and can be controlled. It shall be so.
Problems and Solutions . Emotional experiences may have opened the door to future memory episodes and should be engaged to maintain interest. However, don't let wrong results discourage your progress. There is no need for rituals or magic, just accurate and honest documentation, then careful examination of the results to steer the learning process in the right direction.

Atwater concludes from Avery's successful technique that future memory is not some incredulous anomaly, but instead, shows that one's brain structure and brain capacity can indeed change. Such a change, she reasons, leads to a greater awareness of life's meaning and spiritual purpose: "As we explore how consciousness can change, we re-explore creation itself and the wonder of the universe."

One illustration in
Future Memory describes a man who experienced regular episodes of pre-living the future. Reality seemed to him as if an echo from some primal movement in time and space, and that the opportunity to live advancements of time was an indication that those echoes were of different wavelengths and sizes. "When we slip through the waves," he conjectured, "we are able to experience reality from a different vantage point, literally from another frequency of vibration. It is the focus of our awareness, our perception, that determines what frequency we pick up. It all seems real because it is real."

Atwater underscores the experiences above with the notion that we condition ourselves to see the world selectively. Alternate realities and other dimensions of vibration are missed or by-passed simply because we ignore their existence. Here are some brief examples: The mind indulges our perceptual preferences to see a continuous storyline in the projection of a series of still frames separated by periods of darkness that make up a movie. The continuous firing of electrons on a television picture tube is reassembled in the mind's eye as picture images. Or, we experience an auditory illusion when the mind perceives music as continuous sound from a series of disjointed notes. "We create the reality we think exists by the way we connect together the data we receive within our brain." Pointing to the findings of Quantum physics, Atwater adds, "Creation, as we think it exists, is a physical illusion."

Therefore, time and space are malleable constructs that vary with our perceptual abilities. When vibrations within and around us speed up, time seems to whiz by. The slower the speed of vibration, the greater the distance and the longer the timing between events exists. Atwater's notion of time travel may be crudely summarized here. As brain shift (the alteration of brain structure and chemistry and the effect it has on enhancing awareness) changes the vibrational speed in our environment (space), time shifts accordingly.

Should anyone think future memory is the road to nirvana, Atwater warns that enlightenment, such as it is uncovered in her research, offers no panacea or quick fix to a better life. Closer connection to the truths about creation's story, about who we are, bring this challenge: "
Take initiative to act upon the knowledge you have gained, don't just receive it; then accept responsibility for the power unleashed when you do." Clayton Montez, Atlantic University

Further Reviews
"You have a gift and you are using it well. You found the Light Encoded Reality Matrix, and it's amazing that you were able to put this into words for humans in the 3rd dimension.

You book entitled FUTURE MEMORY is priceless for in it, you have woven far more than meets the 3rd dimensional senses. I've gone through the book and the book has gone through me, strengthening beliefs and concepts I've had, though often discarded as the realm of schizophrenics and heretics.

Your work is multi-dimensional and will greatly assist in Para-psycho-neural immunology, for a time is coming when the system will visibly collapse, and we will all learn to look within for answers."
...Ernest V. Mbenkum, an Internet web developer, London, UK (formerly of West Africa)

"My copy of FUTURE MEMORY just arrived in the mail today, and I am so excited that I just had to write and thank you for writing this amazing book!

I was attempting to contain my excitement and write an e-mail to you gushing with my praise for your book after I'd read a substantial amount of it, but my enthusiasm overtook me and I just couldn't bear to delay telling you how powerful this book is, and what a landmark it is surely destined to become.

You are incredibly gifted as a writer, and I feel you share the same burning passion I feel to comprehend what is really going on in the world around us. I love the way you share your deepest feelings from early childhood. . . you touch my heart as I read about the challenges you went through and the hardships you faced and overcame to become the shining light you are today.

I feel incredibly grateful to have found this book, and I want to thank you with all of my heart for sharing your graceful poetic wisdom so eloquently! You're a goddess of consciousness."
Cynthia Larson

"After reading FUTURE MEMORY I feel I really have experienced a brain shift, which has allowed me more freedom in my life. I am an aspiring screenplay writer and you will no doubt see my movies in the near future. I wish to inspire others in my movies like you have inspired me through your books. (I have read almost everything written by you.) I have a creative floodgate open with God now.
Thank you!" .Javier Villela

Intriguing new theories expand consiousness

"Years ago, when my then-husband refused to acknowledge the existence of any phenomenon that has five senses couldn't apprehend, a psychologist friend observed: " what Chuck needs is an arresting experience. " By this he meant a non-ordinary experience of sufficient magnitude to " arrest " his attention -and allow him to realize that consciousness may involve more than what literally " meets the eye. "

Future Memory, author P M H Atwater shares with the reader a lifetime's worth of are resting experiences, from childhood said is easy at synesthesia (multiple sensing, such as telling callers are seeing sounds) to three near-death episode. The pivotal experience behind this remarkable book is Atwater's first " future memory " occurrence, in which -without warning- she " pre-lived " six months of her life in the span of about 10 minutes. With the exception of a few details, her life unfolded precisely as she had pre-lived it.

Startled and fascinated, Atwater interviewed hundreds of people with similar stories including one man with a self-training program (that Atwater shares) for developing future memory abilities. Unlike precognition, which is simply foreknowledge of what is to come, future memory is the experiencing of the details of one's future with all the emotions and nuances of daily life.

This interesting concept aside, the true power of
Future Memory lies in Atwater's theories about " brain shift " -the expansion of consciousness that can result from near-death and future memory experiences (as well as from a spiritual this discipline and mindfullness). Noting that four-year-olds regularly spend large amounts of time in the future (i. e ., rehearsing their future lives) at the same time that their temporal lobes are expanding, she pauses and answers the question, "What if the adult ability to pre-live the future is actually a reliable signal that temporal lobes are expanding -so an increase in brain structure and brain capacity can be accommodated, preparatory to accessing enlargements of consciousness? "

Atwater skillfully and patiently guides her readers through a scientific labyrinth that includes brain physiology, the immune system, and quantum mechanics. Ultimately, Atwater weaves the strands of her thinking into a whole that challenges conventional ways of understanding consciousness and psychic abilities. Despite a few instances in which she makes unsubstantiated leaps of thinking (grounded in assumptions that the writing doesn't support), her major insights are too exciting, too provocative, and too believable to dismiss.

A former member of a Search for God group, Atwater writes that she had always had trouble understanding Edgar Cayce's statement that the three dimensions are " time, space, and patience. " One day, however, she physically experienced what she believes was " patience " -and did 45 to 60 minutes worth of messy kitchen clean-up work in just what turned out to be six minutes. Her description of the incident alone is worth the price of admission to
Future Memory, as is the excellent appendix of reference materials.

Future Memory has helped me understand my own non-ordinary experiences in a new light and to experience patience in a new way. I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in consciousness, in a very new application of Cayce's insights, in a fascinating theory of God as the " Great Thought " thinking itself, and of the part we play in that vast consciousness."Natalie Reid --Venture Inward Magazine July/August 2001.

"Brain Shift Into High Gear with this Future Classic. Do you wonder what it's like to remember the future? How would it feel to remember events from both your future and your past? PMH Atwater's book, FUTURE MEMORY, presents compelling evidence and a fascinating explanation of the future memory phenomenon, where people prelive future experiences while still active and functional in present time. Atwater's expertise in the field of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) shines through as she shares many stories from her personal life and guides readers through the labyrinth of the mind and the fabric of time, space, and the universe itself. FUTURE MEMORY masterfully balances subjective experience with relevant theories and scientific findings, bringing the otherwise lofty material down to Earth for practical applicability in daily life. We can all experience expansive brain shifts when we experience the Void that lies at the heart of All That Is with patience and receptivity. . . and can benefit tremendously when our consciousness expands. I felt torn between devouring this book as quickly as possible and savoring each and every page. If you've been looking for a book that will shift your mind into higher gear, this is it!"
Cynthia Larson, author of REALITY SHIFTS

"I rank your Future Memory with Bucke's Cosmic Consciousness- it is a classic. Your 'double vortex' model also fits my experience."
Stan Curtis, Rockford, IL

"Future Memory -- What a masterpiece of research and your deep understanding of life's basic truths."
Martena Sasnett, Retired Educator of International Scope

"You know I believe reading your last book really did alter my brain function. After reading it, there was a noticeable increase in areas I had never displayed much aptitude in. There was a definite increase in my math and logic skills, as well as a general flooding of connecting ideas."
Joyce L. Shafer, Publisher of the 'Network Quarterly A Connection for Like Minds,' P.O. Box 2623, Lafayette, LA 70502-2623

"The sub-title of Future Memory is How Those Who "See the Future" Shed New Light on the Workings of the Human Mind.. This book, the third the author has written relating in her Near Death Experiences, is a very challenging book for the reader. The book grew out of Atwater's research on NDE and what she calls the "future memory phenomenon" which she describes as the ability to live today what will take place in the future; i.e., to pre-live events one remembers even though they have not yet taken place in the physical world. Part of the inspiration to open this door of exploration came to her through the challenging works of the physicist Wolfgan Pauli, a contemporary of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung.

Forty years ago most of contemporary science explored the objective side of matter and recognized human consciousness as being subjective. However, Pauli and others saw that the future would, by the 1980's, bring us other ways of looking at the scientific model. Space and time, inner and outer, light and dark, and even matter and spirit would no longer be opposites but rather might be connected as one continuum. Was that continuum which goes back to the beginning not of one duality but of oneness?

Future Memory is an exploration into the realms of consciousness from a multi-level approach. It's about matter and energy and light and their current importance, based on their interconnectedness in the past. The book is divided into three parts.

Part I --Future Memory -- opens with exploring certain shifts in one's awareness of reality. There has been, over the years, a certain connection between expecting something to take place, i.e., being subjectively involved, and on the other hand, seeking to be fully objective about what will take place at a later time. The author assists the reader, through a series of nine memory techniques, to assist in developing future memory.

Part II deals with the Inner Workings of Creation and Consciousness.. Often the future memory experience happens when the subject is fully awake. At that moment, time, space and reality become as a void. It is in this void that there is often a flow of creative energy which stills the thought process and future memories may appear. A certain sound, scene, feeling or smell will trigger its memory, and the subject knows that this memory is a part of consciousness. When seeking to answer the question, "Where does the knowing come from," the answer is "From the same source which tells a cell what to do."

In Part III, Beyond Illusion, the author speaks more fully to what she calls a brain shift. This shift takes place in individuals who experience spiritual transformation, religious conversion, near-death episodes, shamanistic vision quest, kundalini breakthroughs, head trauma, or are struck by lightning. This brain shift can also take place from the application of spiritual disciplines, a prayerful state of mind and mindful techniques.

Also included in the book is an extensive 65-page Appendix, Resource Manual and Notes.

It is possible that some who read this book will find it to be on the borderline between objective reality and subjective fantasy. However, reading the book is an experiential spirit and with an open mind, you find yourself appreciative of its clarity of thought and skill of expression.

Has the work of P.M.H. Atwater in this book been about the task of unraveling not only the riddle of remembering what lies ahead in the future, but also actually being able to do this because of an inner knowing or remembering what actually happened in the past?

This is a book whose time is appropriate for the close of the century and for the type of consciousness exploration we are involved in today. As we continue to be receptive to and involved in the unfoldment of quantum physics we see more clearly that consciousness is the foundation of what we know and perceive."
International Association for Near-Death Studies, "Vital Signs" Magazine

"This knowing and this perceiving, which is outside of space-time, is non-local and all pervading. It, like "future" memory, opens the door to an interconnection of all life and life forms. Its value to contemporary literature has just begun to emerge. In the next three to ten years it, like Future Memory itself, will become more understood in the field of conciousness studies. P.M.H. Atwater has opened another door for many people. Atwater's Future Memory is a most intriguing book. Thousands of people have now had important glimpses of higher states of consciousness through near-death experiences (NDEs), and Atwater is one of the foremost investigators of these. An experiencer herself, she has that 'inside' knowledge that gives her an edge over us outsiders. The ideas she has put together from her own and others' experiences here will help a lot of people make more sense of the profound human experiences"
Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.

"Mere words can hardly express how much Dr. P.M.H. Atwater's book, 'Future Memory,' has assisted me on my path. I read it in approximately six hours when trapped in the blizzard that struck Washington, D.C. in January of 1996. Never had I been so compelled to finish a book. Page after page, I sat riveted because the words kept speaking to my very soul. I, like many others, have experienced that wonderful synchronicity in life. I have been remembering the future all along. A good friend picked up my copy and without opening it, was so compelled to read it, that she drove all over the city until she found a copy. This tells me that 'Future Memory' is one of the most important works of the new millennium. Dr. Atwater, you have created a wonderful book that will set the precedent for all future works of this kind. Bravo, Dr. Atwater, Bravo."
D. L. Swartz

"Atwater has taken a major step past her earlier work BEYOND THE LIGHT, rather laying challenge upon challenge to our mind and spirit. May she be heard far and wide."
Joseph Chilton Pearce

"A giant step forward, toward achieving an expanded knowledge of 'simultaneous-everywhere-information.' This book deserves to be read one page at a time."
Dannion H. Brinkley

"FUTURE MEMORY is a labyrinth of adventure reading. It is Atwater's afterlife experiences and life biography mixed with a substantial amount of scientific reference. I found the book mentally stimulating and enjoyable. Some of her visions show a geometry interestingly parallel to that of current plasma physics work of which I am part."
Ronald J. Kovak

"There are few books so rich that one must limit the time spent imbibing, the ideas so powerful that they require a mental digestion equal in strength. The 'pause' that refreshes is repeated at frequent intervals in FUTURE MEMORY, with a sense of coming up for air after being immersed in the 'waters' of life itself."
Enid Hoffman

"FUTURE MEMORY is a very interesting book. Brilliantly written, easy to read (even for me) with tons of scholarly informations , scientific wisdom, and spiritual clues - about timeless time, dimensionless space, and boundless mind. Every chapter is worth reading."
Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

"As well researched as it is provocative, this book questions the very nature of time, memory, and the scope of human consciousness. FUTURE MEMORY is unlike any other book you will ever read."
Alfred Dolezal

"More than a theoretical innovator, her new book, FUTURE MEMORY, continues to present the rigorous yet inspiring inquiry found in her previous books, COMING BACK TO LIFE and BEYOND THE LIGHT, as well as in her other new book, GODDESS RUNES. Nobel Prize in Physics nominee Peter Rothschild declares, "Atwater offers us a...crash course in discovering...our real identity."
Magical Blend Magazine

"It is remarkable to find a book that can tackle as diverse and complex a subject as 'future memory'...and simultaneously present a controversial, friendly, and thoughtful analysis of the subject. P.M.H.Atwater is known for earlier titles dealing with her near-death experiences [research], and the clarity of writing she showed in those works comes through again in FUTURE MEMORY. This is good stuff - it's mind-opening, charmingly intimate and personal, and easy to read. What more can you ask?"
Fate Magazine

A book review from the Journal of Near-Death Studies --

"Future Memory: How Those Who 'See the Future' Shed New Light on the Workings of the Human Mind by P.M.H. Atwater"
Reviewed by Deno Kazanis, Ph.D.