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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Goddess Runes:

A Comprehensive Guide to Casting and Divination With One of the Oldest Known Rune Sets

  • Paperback: 210 pages
  • Publisher: Avon Books (P)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0380782928


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"GODDESS RUNES" are magic in the way they enable you to glimpse yourself and the living of life from another angle, an angle unfettered and free, filled with love and joy. To learn of them is to become as a child again, rediscovering the true magic of sacredness.

All the books currently written on runes are about oracle or yang runes and the masculine approach to rune use. Atwater is the first to write about the elder runes, which are used only for casting and are yin or of the feminine. These "group" runes are cast as a single unit, freely, without the need for either layout or format. Illustrative, they create picture patterns that stir the deepest recesses of our heart-of-hearts. Between 12,000 to 17,000 years ago, in areas around Ukraine and Crimea, there once existed glyphs like these. Although no clear tracking can be done, Atwater does attempt to keep these ancient symbol-signs in historical perspective. . . using them according to The Way of A Cast, a toss technique preserved via oral traditions. "THE MAGICAL LANGUAGE OF RUNES" (Bear & Co., Santa Fe, NM, 1990) was Atwater's initial attempt to "pass the skill on," but it is now out-of-print. "GODDESS RUNES" greatly expands this earlier work, while focusing on both present-life and past-life casting procedures. Extensive Resource Section.
Author Note: I came across this set of ancient runes right after my third near-death experience. They were introduced to me by Dana Corby, a woman of generosity and charm. I subjected the set Dana prepared for me to lengthy tests and experimentation , spending as much time searching libraries and oral traditions as I did exploring "memory fields." (Ever since my near-death experiences, I have been able to visit the radiant realms at will.) My goal in doing this was to honor both the history and the sacredness of these special runes. As an unexpected benefit, using Goddess Runes in The Way of A Cast enabled me to retrain my brain and become more whole-brained. I have noticed that others benefit in this manner, as well. There's something about the casting process, if you use the elder glyphs, that synergizes brain function - "brings together to form a whole."
The average person only needs two and a half hours of play with Goddess Runes to begin casting and interpreting like a "pro." Some, who are more left-brained, take about four hours; children , around fifteen minutes. Goddess Runes and The Way of A Cast are easy, fast, and fun to learn, empowering you to develop that wellspring of wisdom within you. The book shows you how to create your own set.
"GODDESS RUNES" is newly released. Here are the first reviews. The rest are endorsements for my first rune book, to give you an idea of how the yin runes were received:
"I recently finished reading your book, 'Goddess Runes.' I was not able to put the book down. Your style, construction, and content went right to my heart. Your writing struck a cord with me that I have seldom felt. I could feel the words and knew intuitively what you were saying. I have ordered a Goddess Runes set to practice with while I search for my own pebbles ad make my own. I thank you for your work in this area. I have felt so out of place in the structured confines of Protestantism. This spirituality of bonding to the world seems so right! I wish I had 'discovered' it sooner."
James P. Gibson, Madisonville, Texas
"A STONE'S THROW. Rune casting, with its inherent flexibility and openness to interpretation, lets you explore the power of your own insights. 'GODDESS RUNES: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CASTING AND DIVINATION WITH ONE OF THE OLDEST KNOWN RUNE SETS' introduces a set of ancient glyphs that may be more than twice as old as the Germanic runes used in other rune sets. Author P.M.H.Atwater explains how to cast, read, interpret, and care for runes stones, drawing on basic techniques and your own psychic abilities. The book also comes with a page of rune stickers that you can affix to stones or other objects with special meaning to you, creating your own personalized rune set."
New Age Journal
"P.M.H. Atwater brings to us the story of one of the oldest forms of divination: Goddess Runes. Coming to us out of our most ancient past the runes were created by Cro-Magnon women to express their deepest and most spiritual feelings in the form of the first written language. This unspoken script was born some 17,000 years ago from a deep need to express the feelings of connectedness with the planet and convey spiritual knowledge. While the men of Sumeria were credited with developing written language to record business transactions, the women of ancient east-central Europe appear to have developed their Spirit language 2000 years earlier. The Goddess runes are an offshoot of these ancient glyphs, and this spiritual language is still found in the runes today, expressing that same female energy and intuition. From the ways of a cast, to the past and present life samples, Ms. Atwater carefully walks the reader through the use and meanings of the Goddess Runes. Since 1978, she has taught thousands of people the way of the runes. Learn how to make your own set or find sources for custom sets. The Goddess Runes are a beautiful way for women to get in touch with their natural divinitory powers and intuition, but can also be a wonderful tool for men to tap their long suppressed feminine energy source."
Wildfire Magazine
"The comprehensive subtitle 'tells all': A Comprehensive Guide to Casting and Divination with One of the Oldest Known Rune Sets. In her own unique style the author opens wider the 'lost mysteries' of using the elder/yln Runes, pointing out that their secret is feeling and trust. The suggested use of the fourteen marked stones and the two unmarked ones for the asking of questions is to throw or cast them as a collective unit to address 'the real issue at hand,' which may or may not be the question asked. Such divination is a method by which one may 'freeze time' in order to examine a given moment and discover its potentialities. Atwater gives ample and progressive directions for the reader: preparation for ritual (including a sample), setting the scene for the cast, casting, reading a cast, as well as examples of present-time and past-life casting. The many synchronicities of history are explored in a chapter entitled 'Memories and Mind,' and the concluding chapters, 'Spirit Speaks' and 'Woman Speaks' are a balanced and fitting conclusion. As the author says, 'the real runes are the purest magic and mystery' (p. 163). Excellent and extensive resource suggestions are appended."
Joe Ann Van Gelder
"I just wanted you to know I have found your books both enjoyable and enlightening. I find your forthright style extremely refreshing, particularly on arcane subjects. The no nonsense clarity in COMING BACK TO LIFE really added a dimension to the field. I picked up your Runes book, knowing nothing about runes except some dim subliminal past-life resonances, and I could barely put it down for dinner."
J. L. Simmons
"This is destined to become a classic of the new free-form, non-traditionalist, runic school."
Edred Thorsson
"P.M.H.Atwater introduced me to the runes in 1983. I was deeply impressed with her skill and the reverence she brought to this ancient art of divination. In writing this book, she makes her considerable ability available to others. I highly recommend this work."
Caroline Myss
"I'm thrilled to have THE MAGICAL LANGUAGE OF RUNES in the Wise Woman Center's Green Witch and Goddess Library. The Wise Woman Way - of knowing from within - of remembering, rather than acquiring wisdom - is vividly and delightfully brought to the art of rune casting in this book. P.M.H.Atwater shares secrets seasoned by experience, ideas clearly drawn out, and memories, a deep and sure sense of the way of the ancient wise ones."
Susun S. Weed
"THE MAGICAL LANGUAGE OF RUNES brings a practical, down-to earth approach to the ancient practice of divination, using our brothers and sisters of the mineral kingdom. P.M.H.Atwater brings her own experience and her lyrical use of the English language to a subject often made too complicated for a true and deep understanding. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in increasing their understanding of life."
Wabun Wind
"P.M.H.Atwater is a wonderfully talented lady, and this time she has created a delightful book of the magic of runes. Her research into this subject is very significant work. A must read!"
Bryce Bond
"P.M.H.Atwater has the magical capacity to reach and touch the reader through her words, allowing them a direct experience of her. She speaks directly and simply to the reader's experience, creating a context for easy learning, practice and the development of intuition. With this book the reader travels effortlessly from tuition to intuition, from the external teachers to the internal teacher. . . Her philosophy is obviously a new paradigm, for a new age, and a new people. I cannot praise this book too highly, for it is really a modern masterpiece among the plethora of new age 'self-help' books."
Enid Hoffman
"In this most accessible work, P.M.H.Atwater describes how the ancient and powerful divinatory sigils called runes came to her at a point of spiritual crisis in her life and how she learned to work with them and understand them on many levels on which they operate. While factually informative, hers is a human account of the subject rather than an austere, scholarly analysis. She touches on many crucial aspects of the divinatory process."
Paul Devereux