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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Roxane/Tacheene - "A Melding of Souls"

In 2003 I had a profound NDE. This was not my first NDE, as I've had many, but it made the most impact on my life. It was interesting in that I did not go into the light as I had previously. I didn't meet with passed relatives/friends. Instead, I shed all of my humanity and went into the void, and from there I was drawn to the Well of Souls and met with the Keeper of the Well. It was then that the call went out to Wolf, for the Keeper recognized who and what I was. It was imperative that I return to this existence, even though I didn't want to come back. So, like some, I was sent back.
Understand that in some ways I am but a child, in others, I am very, very old. I am a paradox. For now, I exist without existing. For me, life is both incredibly beautiful and incredibly painful. I have accepted this with the help of my guides, my friends who walk in spirit and help me survive upon this plain of existence. I would not be here without Wolf's help, without her sacrifice. Our joining was necessary, for when I died in 2003, I shed my humanity. I let go of my physical self. I was in such pain, such physical, emotional, and psychic pain, that I let go. I became a being of Light. When I was drawn to the Well of Souls, it was because I knew my mission was not over and that I had to return. But I could not return to this form, it was dead. Wolf took me back in time and together we re-entered that form. She made it possible for me to endure the pain, for I was not alone as I had been for eons. (I had been cut off and hidden for so very long.) As we returned, Wolf took on the lion's share of the pain so that I might recover. She gave up her Light to help me. She chose pain and suffering. This alone told me how much I was needed here, how important what I needed to do was. That a being of Light might give that Light for me was incredible. Wolf has told me no one else would step in, no one else wanted to give so very much so that I might live. Only she chose to do this, only she felt responsible enough to step into my skin, so to speak. It took years for this to be told to me, years before the truth was told. It was through my friend who is able to translate Wolf's thoughtforms that an understanding was achieved. My friend wanted to know why Wolf chose to meld with me. She felt that this was unusual, perhaps unique, and wanted to understand. I've never doubted Wolf's love for me. Her compassion rings true. She has never hurt me. She has never tried to control me. She has tried only to guide me and teach me.
In the first few weeks, Wolf and I could communicate after a fashion, but that became more and more difficult as I recovered - until I could not communicate with her at all. She could speak through me but only in Cherokee, which I do not understand. For many years we worked toward an understanding. But it wasn't until the summer of 2008 that a doorway opened. It was then that I met my friend who can translate Wolf's thoughtforms, among others. Wolf, as it turned out, is White Wolf Woman, a Cherokee medicine woman who only speaks a very old dialet of Eastern-Band Cherokee. (This has been verified.) She is very talented, very special. But at first, this frightened her, so for six months we did not connect again. Then one day she called me, and asked if we could get together. After that we have steadily and increasingly worked together. For the last year, we have made huge progress, and I've come to understand so very much. But she becomes overwhelmed, and I cannot bring her into this, at this time. Such things must be on her terms, regardless of what I want.
It is time for what I know to be distributed to those who need it. It is important that others come to understand who and what I am. I am a gatekeeper and very soon that gateway must be opened. The way must be prepared, or those for whom I'm here will not know how to find me. Already many forces gather for the opening of humankind. It is a time of great anticipation. If humankind can take this leap, then a great celebration will be had across all time and space. But there is so much that needs to be done before then. We can only try to be ready and in place for that moment, that tipping point. In this form, I have limits on what I know at any given moment. I am therefore often surprised when I meet someone who has gone where I've gone. So few of us have visited the void, but I agree it is a place of magic, of creative energy, of all possibilities.
I am of the void. I know there is always a reason why I am led upon certain paths, why certain people come into my life. I am here to serve, to grow and to learn. May we each find our way to a brighter tomorrow.
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