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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Jerron - I am dead aren't I?

I found out about you and your work via Coast to Coast Radio emails I receive. I saw that you consider the "tunnel of light" more of a "media" description of what a soul experiences at the time of death or an NDE.

My experience occurred in late 1989 while I was sleeping. I believe it was an actual "death experience", as it was so vivid. Effectively, I found my "self" in what appeared to be a great hall or holding area of some sort. There were literally hundreds of people (souls?) there. I found myself standing at what appeared to be a bar. Standing at the bar was a man. He was a deceased relative of mine who had died a couple of years prior to this account. He smiled at me when I noticed him. I recall being somewhat frantic, glancing around at all that was going on around me. One woman was there also, who seemed confused. She had a fearful look on her face.

Off to my left I saw a door and at once it opened and I saw a man standing in the opening. A thought appeared in my mind, telling me to go to the door, which I did. Inside the room it was empty of any furniture, just wine colored draperies covering the walls. The floor appeared to be marble tile of some sort. I was still somewhat confused about what was happening to me. The man seemed to be planting thoughts in my mind, more or less telling me to calm down.

At that moment I blurted out, "I am dead aren't I! I want proof. I want to see Stevie." "Stevie" was a cousin who had drowned about 12 years earlier. The man, still not actually speaking, said he was right outside, and he pointed to another door at the opposite end of the room.

I suddenly was outside standing on some sort of grand veranda. Spread out before me, as far as the eye could see was a world of pastel, peaceful colors. Some of which do not exist on the physical plain we inhabit. Too my left and to my right disappearing into the distance were Roman style buildings. By that I mean, great columned structures that all seemed to be constructed of white marble. The sky was full of the whitest cumulus clouds I had ever witnessed. I walked to the railing of the veranda, looking over. Below me there were thousands of people milling about, but I got the feeling that they were moving with a purpose. That they were aware and going about their business.

At once I saw "Stevie" walking directly below me. I cried out to him, and of a sudden he was at my side. The following is as true an account of the next few seconds as I can share. I said. "Stevie, I am dead aren't I? I miss my kids. My wife. I want to see them again." His response was a thought placed in my head. "Yes, but it is not your time yet. You can go back." The thought also appeared in my consciousness that I had died in my sleep as a result of a aneurysm. He went on briefly to tell me that I would wake up soon.

It was then that I woke up, back in my bed. My first inclination was to call my wife, who was at work. Which I did. I tried to tell her of the experience, but all I succeeded in doing was freaking her out.

I then jumped out of bed, ran to the dining room and wrote down my entire experience before I forgot it. Needless to say, when my wife returned home from work, she told me a new one, telling me that I was, pretty much, nuts. The reason for me relating this experience to you is that if, and it is a BIG if, if this was not just a simple dream, most definitely it was not a "lucid dream", then it was an actual "death experience" and I had NOT experienced the "tunnel of light”.

I should say that I have been a student of all things spiritual and metaphysical for the better part of my adult life. Some 45 years as of this writing. The incident I just related to you occurred when I was 40 years old. I am now 65 years of age. As a result of my studies, and before the incident just related to you, I had already developed some latent abilities, i.e., lucid dreaming. astral projection, both of which I achieved early on in my adult life. The astral projection is achieved by placing myself in a deep, meditative state which allows my spirit/soul to leave my body and travel about. But I imagine you are aware of the concept.

Lucid dreaming is just something I do as a matter of course. Once I am asleep and reach a REM state I can dream of about anything I wish, and create scenario's of which I am a participant. I imagine you are most likely aware of this concept also.
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