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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Todd - "All Over the Place"

During the accident and time of struggle for my breath, there was a voice that came over me. Laying there dying or dead I guess, I left my body standing there with my guardian talking to me. Meanwhile my wife was with me in the car, but she was not ejected from the car. She hung upside in the seatbelt until awoken. Not exactly sure at what point it happened, but I don't remember seeing the ambulance show up while standing beside my body before emerging on this breath - taking a journey up to heaven - where I meet my deceased grandparents and friends. Was told I didn't have much time, so to hurry and say hello. At that point is where I went and stood before this otherworldly figure shinning as bright as the sun - where I underwent a judgment.

Now there are a few spots that are left blank or black. Almost like I was given info not to pass on. Then my guardian took me on another journey through the universe, and then another black spot. At first I thought it was like a tour, you know. I've always been blessed with stars, so thought it was like a gift of joy for me. But another later part of me feels that I was taken to a specific place and trained. I can remember coming back to the same white cloudy room where the figure told me "it's time to go back," but before or as I started to take the fall back, I yelled out something funny that made him laugh, and he said "I have always loved your sense of humor." Then bam I was there in a hospital bed but that weird feeling of joy or happiness gone. To describe the feeling I had is like when you ride a rollercoaster and your belly tingles, or tickles from going up and down - yet with a sense of ease on life.

My wife has noticed my change, how could you not? At first she didn't know what to think but know you can tell she is just happy to have me, even if it's not the real me. She won't allow me to open up and let out the truth. Guess I don't blame her. One minute you think you have a handle on what life is, then the next your husband goes through this and tells you that most of your history and theory of life and death are all a political stunt caught between religion and power. The disconnection I have is to the world around me.

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