The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Jamey – "Are you ready to come in?"

My name is Jamey Massengale. In the year 2000, I was serving a 20-year sentence in prison. I had been diagnosed with mild depression as a result of prolonged incarceration, and given the Prozac class drug Paxil, shortly before Easter. I caught a cold and was also given Robitussin. This same combinationn of Paxil and Robitussin has caused the death of others from serotonin syndrome, but I did not know that until much later. This combination of Paxil and Robitussin was the cause of my own near-death experience. I was in a cell alone and I recall not breathing for a long time, and thinking that was very strange. I began to experience what others who have had NDE's call "no-thing-ness." It made me feel powerful, as though I were God, and that space and time were at my disposal, along with all the material inside of the universe, including my own self. And then I heard a voice that said, "What is it that you want?"

I thought to myself: Where is this voice coming from, and what does it mean what do I want? I don't want anything. I'm God. I can have anything I want and do anything I want; but, then, this emotion began to well up inside me and I felt heartbreak like I had never felt before in my life, and the words just poured out of my mouth. "I just want to know if Jesus is real?" Then the voice said, very matter-of-factly, "Yes, he is."

I was then transported up into the most beautiful open plain I had ever seen in my life, where I could see the life inside of everything that grew there, and in the distance was a beautiful crystal city. I immediately began to fly toward it, but before I got to the city, I began to go up into the clouds. As I looked above me, the clouds were glowing golden. They rolled back, parting like we imagine the Red Sea parted before Moses, and there stood Jesus. There were two men, dark men, who looked like desert prophets wearing sackcloth, standing on either side of him. Jesus was wearing shining light, skin seemed to glow light, and it came from his beautiful blue eyes. He had fiery red hair. The funny thing that I thought at the time was that he looked like Barry Gibb on the cover of the Bee Gees album.

He asked me, "Are you ready to come in?"

I said, "No, I want to stay and help the others."

He said with a smile, "When you're ready, you can come in."

I was then back in my body and back in the cell and back in prison, and in the beginnings of a new adventure, such as I could never have imagined.

I was still reeling from the effects of the combination of drugs I had been given, and experienced a drug psychosis or possibly just another deeper view of reality that caused me to question my sanity.

For months after this, I was coping with the side-effects from the drugs, until I told my spirit guide (with the voice which sounded to me like the voice of Jesus when I was in heaven), that I thought I was crazy and that if I was not he would have to prove it to me. I heard his voice tell me to go to the library. I was compelled to a certain section and the shelf and the book, that turned out to be Rene Descartes discourse on method and the meditations, and I was told to read that book.

It turns out that Rene Descartes also had a near-death experience, and, although that is not the focus of his book on method, that unique method prescribed therein, was precisely what I needed. I was doubting reality completely, and Descartes method was to begin by doubting reality and to doubt everything that it was possible to doubt - so that we could find the one thing it was impossible to doubt and thereby establish truth - from there climb the ladder of truth, one rung at a time, until the certainty of faith was complete in our life.

I could see from Descartes' reasoning, and from my NDE (which I did not know was an NDE or whether I was psychotic and delusional from the result of the drugs or something else going on in my head that I didn't understand), that the only thing I knew was true was that I existed. But from the doubt about the certainty of my existence, I realized as Descartes explained, that it was curious if I was the only thing that existed why I should doubt at all and this fed directly back into my first vision, or feeling, that I was God. Yet my doubt proved to me that I was not God, for God doesn't doubt. It's equally evident that my mind did not come into existence from nothing, since I'm not God, and since you don't get something from nothing - so it's obvious that a mind which has no doubts about itself created me.

I was then instructed by my spirit guide, to apply the same method of reasoning, which we now call the scientific method that I learned from Descartes book, to the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Having now learned to sift evidence like an investigator to eliminate everything that could be doubted, I found that evidence beyond a reasonable doubt existed, that Jesus had in fact rose from the dead. Now, while we could call this also an NDE, the unique aspect I found to Jesus was that he said before he died that he would bring himself back to life in exactly three days, which settled any problem I may have had before that he could've had the power to bring me back to life.

But he has since taught me many other things, in particular, what I call the Jesus manifold in the renegade gospel. The Jesus manifold is the precise and logical explanation for why his death and resurrection were necessary to cancel the effect of our missing the point of life. The renegade gospel is also the explanation of how his death and resurrection transfers to us human beings the rights of God by the laws of logic - without logic no sense can be made of anything.

It is this message that I share with others.

The evidence which actually proved that my NDE was real and that I was not paranoid or schizophrenic or delusional came from the IQ test that I was given as part of my diagnosis, after what was called by mental health professionals, a psychotic episode. My IQ had leapt to 145, where it had only been at most 125 before. I happened to be listening to Coast-to-Coast, a radio show, on which Dr. PMH Atwater was speaking about near-death experiences, and I noticed the similarity between what she was describing and what had happened to me, so I bought her book, THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES.

In THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES, on the subject of IQs, it explained that dramatic IQ leaps were one of the unmistakable and inexplicable proofs of a real NDE. I wrote Dr. Atwater, and Dr. Bruce Greyson at the University of Virginia. Both confirmed the information in letters to me about the relevance of the rise in IQ. I presented this evidence to the mental health staff, who were in charge of my care and who had administered the IQ test - and had been unable to offer any explanation for the score that I had. This evidence which they had to maintain in their records, alongside the letters I had received from experts such as Dr. Atwater and Dr. Greyson, who had Credentials which far eclipsed those who were making judgments about me, caused a complete turnaround in my diagnosis. I would like to thank Dr. Atwater and Dr. Grayson, as I am now out of prison and am helping others. I am able to give the testimony that sharing our stories is important. ~Jamey Massengale.

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