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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Larry - "One foot in this world and one on the other side"

I guess my idea of sharing experiences was not correct in my choice of words.  What I want to do is compare my NDEs and how they differed from one another.  I know how much of the NDE is personalized and the meaning of images are for me.  What I want to discuss are how they differed.
My first NDE happened in 1987, after being hit by a car running a red light.  My NDE experienced several of the stages described by Dr. Moody.  I experienced a separation of consciousness at the moment of impact.  I hovered near my body but also experienced a voice telling me it wasn’t my time.  I returned to my body and my life was never the same.  I changed careers and have spent the last 20 years as an Addictions and Mental Health Counselor.
In 2013, I had my first stroke and heart attack.  My NDE skipped straight to a sense of moving through darkness to again hear it wasn’t my time and that I needed to return.
During my second heart attack, I was laying on a gurney in the ER and when I had my eyes open I was in the ER room.  But when I closed my eyes I was in another place that Dr. Long described as a bi-location experience. 
During my third heart attack, I had the experience of being in a current pulling me.
Since 2009, I have been orthostatic.  My blood pressure drops to extreme lows and I am at the point of passing out.  I read in your book that the most common NDE is fainting.  Since I went into heart failure, my ejection fraction was around 32%, and always at the point of passing out.  I felt like I had one foot in this world and the other on the other side.
In my experience, I truly feel and believe we are spiritual beings have a human experience.
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