The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

David - "No Hallucination!"

David is 28 years old. His cardiac arrest that facilitated a near-death experience happened just nine months ago (today's date is July 20, 2011). He was flatlined for longer than five minutes, yet walked out of the hospital two days later. He puzzles over why he has no brain damage from lack of oxygen, and how people might react if he tells them what happened to him, what he saw on "the other side" of death, and what he was shown about things future. On one hand he fears being thought crazy, yet, on the other hand, he is so filled with a profound sense of brotherly love (as he put it), even for complete strangers, that he is not certain he cares if people poo-poo him. He feels utterly transformed, yet he has many questions - searching the Internet for information about near-death experiences has not proved helpful. That's because the full story is not on the Internet. You must read through various books to find that, especially my own. For "newbees," like David, I recommend COMING BACK TO LIFE, BEYOND THE LIGHT, and THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES. If you are a child experiencer, be sure to read THE NEW CHILDREN AND NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES. I also urge experiencers to join the International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and attending their national conferences. There's nothing like being a room filled with people just like you, who have also died and been on "the other side." Here is David's story.

Mark - "Inside the Miracle"

Here is a case about a father by the name of Mark who refused to hear the worst about his son Kevin, who had overdosed on drugs. Unfortunately, this type of tragedy in families is all too common these days. What's different here, and why I am posting this case, is that Mark literally was "inside the miracle" that happened to Kevin. Medical people pooh-pooh miracles for the most part and turn their backs on anything that sounds "mystical." Although there is every reason to suspect that Kevin had a near-death experience during his ordeal, what happened to his father is actually the greater story. Thank you, Mark, for giving me permission to quote you. Blessings, PMH

Roxane/Tacheene - "A Melding of Souls"

Occasionally I come across a case that is truly different, yet credible. We must all realize that not all near-death episodes follow the so-called "classical model." Some deviate markedly, introducing individuals and those who learn about the episode, to the realization that there are lifestyles, ways to live, ways to experience "self" and "others," that run counter to what we are taught is normal or even real. My own childhood was filled with odd and unique "beings" that physically manifested when appropriate, taught me how to survive and thrive while opening up new worlds for me, new truths. Because of this early training (and much more since), I have a sense about things and am able to "look and see."
Roxane had a near-death experience that impacted her greatly. During her episode, she melded (joined with) another soul. This melding, or joining with, enabled her to survive. I cannot comment on any psychological profile here, but I can say that, to the best of my knowledge, this is not a case of mediumship or that of an altered or multiple personality, or even of a so-called "walk-in." It is a melding of minds that occurs when occasions arise. (Yes, this "melding" is somewhat like what Spock was able to do on "Star Trek" when he sought to gain specific information from someone who either could not or would not access needed thoughts/memories.) The melding was with a soul named Wolf (in the Native American Tradition). Wolf functions a lot like a guide.
There are many cultures that address deep transformational changes like what Roxane went through, and in that recognition encourage the individual to take on a new name. The new name represents a new level of knowing and living. After her experience, Roxane then became Tacheene. Like the majority of near-death experiencers throughout the world, you will notice how she connects with a greater mission for this time in our earth's history, a time when so many people are talking about the Mayan Calendar and a "blizzard" of prophecies that take on "life" on a regular basis. For all of these factors and more, I think you will find Roxane/Tacheene's story most fascinating.

Mark - "Breathless"

Every near-death experiencer's story is unique. Yes, the patterning is global irrespective of culture, but elements in the pattern differ broadly and the way the individual tells his or her story is truly personal. The one below is from Mark Jacoby. It happened while he was a teenager still in high school. He has asked that we use his full name and that we give his e-mail address, as he invites correspondence. You may contact him directly at
--Dr. P.M.H. Atwater

Kyra - "I WAS FREE"

The case which follows is a brief but powerful child's near-death experience, with some follow-up as an adult. Most children have only a few elements to their scenario, as did this one, yet the experience of God was strikingly different. Children often deviate from adults in what they experience and how they describe it, but not with aftereffects. What comes after is true for all. The experiencer's name is Kyra.
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