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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Vera - A Child's Acceptance

Children's near-death experiences are usually brief, consisting of one, two, or three elements, and that's about it. Because they are brief, they are often missed or tossed off as something else, maybe a mystical encounter or a dream or perhaps the product of the child's imagination, with no attempt made to investigate further or to look for aftereffects. To my way of thinking, the pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects can often tell us more than the actual event. How these experiences affect us, and how we change afterward, can produce powerful life markers.

Vera's experience was one of these, a life-altering event she could never share – that has haunted her throughout her years. It is brief, but notice how her faculties altered both during the episode and afterward. Reports of 360-degree vision and/or wrap-around sound, taste, touch, smell, and full sensory involvement are commonplace. Also note how she relaxed into the water when help did not come, almost as if this was the thing to do. You find this "acceptance" of possible death often with children. After a period of searching for a way out or fighting for one, children tend to lay back and "allow." ~PMH

Jamey – "Are you ready to come in?"

The case of Jamey Massengale is an important one. Jamey was serving a 20-year sentence in prison when, because of an illness, he was given medication that counteracted with the drug he was taking for depression. He stopped breathing, and had a near-death experience. His story about meeting Jesus and dialoging with him is similar to many other such stories, except, his description of what Jesus looked like. . . exactly matches three letters written at the time Jesus lived and are now on display in several museums - that detail his physical features. . . that of red-gold or red hair, soft grey or blue eyes, and unusually tall. (Reference: "Portrait of Jesus?" by Frank C. Tribbe; Stein and Day, New York City, 1983; page 245.)

Also of importance with Jamey's case is that, because of his near-death experience, he returned smarter than before (a common aftereffect but not always verified with IQ tests). Before his episode, Jamey had an IQ score of 125. Because of huge shifts in his consciousness afterward, leading both him and prison personnel to suspect he might have developed schizophrenia, another IQ test was administered. His new score, 145. He purchased
THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES, read it, and learned about the aftereffects of near-death states, and what often happens to the brain and nervous system because of that. He then contacted Dr. Bruce Greyson and myself, and was able to verify that what had happened to him could not be denied. He has since been released from prison, and is now doing what he can to educate himself further and help others.

What follows is the near-death experience of Jamey Massengale. ~PMH
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