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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

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After all these years of giving you case studies of near-death experiences in my books, it is time to carry some on this website. I think you will find the cases presented here to be of immense interest and value.

Lorraine – Integrating the Horrific

The case below is from Lorraine Irwin in England.  At the age of six she was abducted, raped, and suffocated by two men.  It is a horrific story that left deep, emotional scars.  It’s taken Lorraine several decades of intense counseling to reach the point where she can at last begin to integrate all that happened, plus the aftereffects that continue to occur from the near-death experience she had.  Lorraine’s case is all too familiar.  If you’ve read my book The New Children and Near-Death Experiences, you know of the broad range of what happens to kids and what can come after.  You’ll hear more of this when I finish the research project I am currently working on – NDEs with the very young, between womb and the age of five (just missed Lorraine with this).  I’m focusing on the tiny ones because of how they change – unlike children who are older.  I really do not think any researcher, including me, went after a more wholistic view of near-death experiences as a “lived experience” with the young.  Soon enough I shall be able to amend that.  ~PMH

Sandra - A Larger Focus

Once in a while I receive a near-death story that gives a larger focus to what happened before and after the experience.  This one from Mary Sandra traces her life afterward, dealing with the aftereffects, leaving the country, finding a way of living elsewhere, finding love, and having more children when she was told she never would.  She speaks of “home” as being off-planet.  ~PMH

Larry - "One foot in this world and one on the other side"

Larry had three near-death experiences.  He compared the three, how they differed.  Although brief, his sharing is most interesting.  I do not remember saying anywhere that the most common cause of a near-death experience is fainting, as he states below.  But I can say low blood pressure afterward is indeed common.  There are many physiological changes.  I list them in most of my books.  ~PMH

Connie - Back and Intact

Short renderings of a near-death experience tell us a lot, even without the color stories of angels and touring the universe.  This one from Connie is almost in defiance of those who claim NDEs are simply anoxia.  She knows differently.  ~PMH

Lara - Dying and Rebirth

Lara’s story is a long one, showing both before and after events, and how this led her to the importance of a spiritual life.  ~PMH
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