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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Shiksa Yisrael - the NDE of a Jewish Psychic

I came upon an article where you asked about the NDEs of non-Christians.

First I should tell you that I was born a Mormon and later converted to Judaism. At the time of my NDE I had been living as a Jew for over a decade. I should tell you that I am a Psychic who follows the ancient Jewish beliefs of mystics.

About 3 weeks before my NDE I had a spiritual experience that led me to me to revert to Islam. I would like to note that my NDE experience occurred during Ramadan, the time when the veil between this life and the next is thin. I would say I had one definite out of body experience and many smaller "visions" as I hovered close to death during a crisis in my health.

In June of 2013 I had a colonoscopy and it was discovered that my F.A.P. cancer had returned (having beat it at 26) and I had over a hundred tumors that had to be removed. My stomach at this time was swollen to a level that I appeared 9 months pregnant. The doctors wanted to operate within a week but I begged for 3 weeks to put my affairs in order. About a week before my surgery I had gone to bed. I should tell you I am a heavy smoker and my breathing is poor. I believe what happened next was due to swollen tissue pressing on my weak lungs during an episode of sleep apnia.

I found myself in a dark place with a "person" behind me, a guide who would disappear when I would look directly at them, and in the distance of this black void I saw a white city and as I drew closer I could see a grand carnival with the happiest people having a huge party. It had roller coasters and people waving flags and it was the happiest, joyful place. In the center of this group I saw Jesus and he smiled at me. I tried to look at Jesus but he was so bright and filled with light that I couldn't look directly at him. It was the greatest whiteness I have ever known. Then I was in a new place and I was with my guide who always disappeared when I looked in his direction. My guide showed me a beautiful river and there were buildings filled with people along the river. I do not recall all my guide showed me but I received the impression that Heaven is perfect and works perfectly. Over and over all I could think was that Heaven was ordered perfectly and I was astounded.

Than my guide took me to a vineyard where I saw happy people caring for white, glowing grapes. I saw a man carrying a basket and he stopped to smile. He wore a loose fitting green tunic that was open on one shoulder. I realized he only needed light clothing because the temperature of Heaven is perfect. As I studied the vineyard suddenly a black curtain dropped over everything and I could only see the feet of the people tending the vineyard. I found myself being sucked through a long black tunnel downward and with a screeching sound I suddenly "plopped" into my body and opened my eyes with a start and drew in a deep breath.

I had a few more experiences while under anesthesia and after recovering from my surgery. For a long time I hovered between this life and the next and I have many other things I saw but I shall leave it here for now.

I will say that since my NDE my husband, a Muslim, has decided to become a Christian.
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