The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Connie - Back and Intact

Short renderings of a near-death experience tell us a lot, even without the color stories of angels and touring the universe.  This one from Connie is almost in defiance of those who claim NDEs are simply anoxia.  She knows differently.  ~PMH

NDE and Aftermath after Suicide Attempt

This is a case from Australia that came from an attempted suicide. Note what happened afterward and how Jayne changed her way of thinking and living - even though she had a very tough time. Also note how positive her suicide episode was and what she learned from it that will certainly help anyone else contemplating suicide.

Denise - "Lessons from the Spirit"

The case of 10-year-old Denise and what she went through, the diabetes coma and then a stroke, seemed to have no other outcome but death. Yet she recovered, and quite miraculously. Her recovery centered around the near-death episode she experienced while at death's door and how that changed her - and her entire family. Denise is one of six children; her family a religious one. Relatives, friends, family members, church elders, Mom and Dad, were all challenged by the "new" Denise and her "new" otherworldly abilities. Her Dad, Doug Mendenhall, was inspired to write about their experience. The book is called "Possibilities. . . Lessons from the Spirit." Check out their website at for more details about how to obtain the book.. --Dr. P.M.H.Atwater
NDE Cases