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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Jerron - I am dead aren't I?

There are people who experience the near-death phenomenon during their sleep. Not like a dream, these episodes are unusually vivid and real, and are followed by a range of aftereffects that matches the more familiar type of near-death experience. Those I have investigated like this occurred on that edge between what could have been a health problem and/or an alert to avoid one.

Below is the case of Jerron McClindon, one of those that seems as if a dream. Read it carefully. Jerron was under the impression that one had to encounter a tunnel in order to claim they had a near-death experience. Since most people do not have tunnels in their episode (contrary to the popular press who sensationalized the idea, thus creating a tunnel myth), to expect "a tunnel" to establish validity is way off base. Some people do experience them, most do not. ~PMH

Juliet's Sharing

There are many experiencers in this section who have shared the story of their near-death episode and how it affected them. I am grateful for all their stories and the courage it took to tell them. This entry from Juliet is different from the others. Here we have an experiencer nearing the end of her life who offers how the near-death experience she had in the mid-1970s opened wide new worlds and new realities for her, above and beyond a previous experience in childhood, and what she has learned since. It is a treasured piece, very philosophical. I thank Juliet for giving me permission to print it.

Hannah's Death Dream

Recently I was contacted by Kathy, who had just read my book "We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death." She wanted to tell me about her 11-year-old daughter Hannah's death dream. The story she shared turned out to be a rich and wonderful slice of life, proof, at least to me, that the human family uplifts and endears its own. Too many of us live our lives as if half asleep to the treasures at our fingertips, the answers to our most perplexing questions so easily and simply given. The circumstances of Hannah's death dream focus on her deceased grandmother Mag. It's a fairly long story, but one that might address the puzzle of why some sterling members of society have unpleasant and terrifying near-death experiences, while those that seem like they should face some type of punishment for their misdeeds sometimes have the most enlightening episodes. Hannah, by the way, gave me permission to publish her dream, so did her Mom, and I can't help but believe that her grandmother Mag did, as well.
--Thank you, PMH

Bruna - My Miracle NDE

Child experiencers of near-death states often grow up thinking that what happened to them was a “dream” The very young have no way to connect what once occurred with how they are now. They may even confuse this world with the other world. Please refer to my book “The New Children and Near-Death Experiences” for more details about this type of puzzle child experiencers may face. The following case of Bruna is an example of this – plus a most unusual twist. Bruna grew up with her strange “dream” until contacted by the Sisters of the Holy Cross. They told her the truth and even produced evidence of her miraculous recovery from a drowning and high fever, signed affidavits from witnesses and medical staff. The Vatican declared her case a miracle and she was given a special medal and a trip to Rome. Here is one case of survival/near-death that has been officially recognized and recorded. I have included at the end of this text a photo of the medal given to Bruna.
NDE Cases