The Website of PMH AtwaterOne of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

David - "No Hallucination!"

David is 28 years old. His cardiac arrest that facilitated a near-death experience happened just nine months ago (today's date is July 20, 2011). He was flatlined for longer than five minutes, yet walked out of the hospital two days later. He puzzles over why he has no brain damage from lack of oxygen, and how people might react if he tells them what happened to him, what he saw on "the other side" of death, and what he was shown about things future. On one hand he fears being thought crazy, yet, on the other hand, he is so filled with a profound sense of brotherly love (as he put it), even for complete strangers, that he is not certain he cares if people poo-poo him. He feels utterly transformed, yet he has many questions - searching the Internet for information about near-death experiences has not proved helpful. That's because the full story is not on the Internet. You must read through various books to find that, especially my own. For "newbees," like David, I recommend COMING BACK TO LIFE, BEYOND THE LIGHT, and THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES. If you are a child experiencer, be sure to read THE NEW CHILDREN AND NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES. I also urge experiencers to join the International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and attending their national conferences. There's nothing like being a room filled with people just like you, who have also died and been on "the other side." Here is David's story.

Ray - "Not a Fairy Story"

Near-death scenarios can differ greatly in imagery and feeling sense.  They can also be very difficult to integrate. Here are the two near-death states experienced by Ray: one when he was only 10 years old, the second when 16. It is important that experiencers like Ray share their episode with others, and talk especially about what happened afterward. That way everyone can have a better idea of what actually goes in with individuals who have them and how they are changed. . . and challenged. The near-death phenomenon is not a fairy story. It is a real, physical event that happens to any one of any age, anywhere.
--Dr. P.M.H.Atwater


Mulligan: Two Aspirins and a Shower Near Death Experience

In February, 1970, I was in the second week of Army basic training. On the morning of February 16, 1970 (5:00 am), I went on sick call. I and the others on sick call traipsed over to the dispensary, had our temperatures taken, and described our symptoms...

Michellanea - "Getting Back to the Other Side"

Child experiencers of near-death states do not respond to their experience in the same manner as do adults. Children compensate; they do not integrate. For that reason, it is not unusual for a child experiencer to take 20 to 30 years or more before they begin to ask questions about what happened to them and why they have always been a little "different" from their peers. Once they "connect the dots" and recognize how their experience really did have a tremendous affect on their lives and the choices they made, they begin to open up in healthy, new ways. In my research base of 277 child experiencers, 21% attempted suicide within about eight years to get back to The Other Side. None of those I had sessions with thought they were doing anything negative or hurtful by taking such action; they just wanted to return to the bright worlds - the place of their homey home. I discuss this conundrum at length in my book, CHILDREN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. Micellanea's case began with an attempted suicide and included many other attempts later on. What Micellanea went through and why should inspire all of us to get the word out, educate people, about the special needs of children. Whether their experience was fun or frightening, kids could use a little extra help processing what they went through.
--Dr. P.M.H.Atwater

Mellen-Thomas Benedict- "Through the Light"

Mellen-Thomas Benedict's case is part of my original near-death research; a brief version of it appears in my book, BEYOND THE LIGHT. I can attest that his case is genuine and his claims about the brain tumor and the conditions of his death are true. I have met his mother and step-father, been in his and their homes, and have followed his life since - his struggles and his accomplishments - as he sought to find a way to integrate his experience into his daily life while still honoring the mission he feltžguided to fulfill. What you are about to read has a hint of mystery to it, and this is the mystery: this version of his story (which reads like an article) is actually a transcription of a tape made of ažtalk hežgavežabout a decade ago. Whoever did the transcription then put the story on the Internet for free distribution. Five different people sent it to me, so I contactedžMellen-Thomas to discuss the situation. He and I both felt it was as if the Universe, his soul, God, was saying to him. . . "It's time now to open up and share your story. You have something to say that needs to be heard." Whoever put his material on the Internet did the man a favor, actually, did all of us a favor,žand not just because his is such an interesting case (it truly is) - but because ofžhow he has matured since and what he has learned.

--Dr. P.M.H.Atwater

Lee - "Saved by a Being of Light"

I guess you've had your fill of stories about this sort of thing, but here's one more for your books:  I was just 14 days shy of my 9th birthday when I had an asthma attack during the night and a nde...

Ken - "The River of Life"

Events surrounding the experience:
I have no knowledge of events at the accident scene or surrounding me in the emergency room. These events are told to me by the people who were there...

Juliet's Sharing

There are many experiencers in this section who have shared the story of their near-death episode and how it affected them. I am grateful for all their stories and the courage it took to tell them. This entry from Juliet is different from the others. Here we have an experiencer nearing the end of her life who offers how the near-death experience she had in the mid-1970s opened wide new worlds and new realities for her, above and beyond a previous experience in childhood, and what she has learned since. It is a treasured piece, very philosophical. I thank Juliet for giving me permission to print it.

Guenter - "Themes of Good and Evil"

You will be surprised by this account from Guenter Wagner of Germany. His near-death experience when 11 years old is not at all like the reports of loving encounters with the Light that the public is used to hearing from both adult and child experiencers. But then, a lot of accounts deviate as his does from the so-called "classical model." He originally termed his episode an "out-of-body experience." Still, it has all the characteristics of near-death, as well as those more typical to youngsters, so for that reason I am publishing it herein the NDE Cases Section. Notice how themes of good and evil interweave the scenario,and,how he as a child is lectured and even taunted by a predominant"Voice" - to the extent of becoming as fearful and confused as elated. Information about future careers and achievements are common to childhood accounts, as well as stern or threatening messages given with great authority. I refer you to my book,CHILDREN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, which details how children's near-death experiences can differ from those of adults, and how suicidal tendencies and alcoholism can be a problem afterwards. This account is followed by some personal data from Guenter Wagner, and then a brief Question/Answer exchange. Although he remembers very little in the way of aftereffects, I suspect he was far more affected by this experience than he admits(children tend to ignore or compensate for"differences").
Dr. P.M.H.Atwater

Dian: NDE TAPESTRY and AfterEffects

The scenarios of near-death experiences can vary greatly, even though the overall patterns remain consistent worldwide. Here is the case of Dian, who is alive today only because of a miracle. She should have died. Her case in long and involves two separate episodes that occurred during the same event. What is especially unusual is towards the end, when Dian discusses what happened once her experiences were over and she was back "on the job." Because of changes in her position, one boss knew and had worked with the "before" Dian, and the other, the "new" Dian. It was job evaluation time. The two bosses gave radically different evaluations of her performance; the first one not at all impressed with her and rather glum about her future prospects with the company. The second boss absolutely impressed with how smart she was, and considered her to be a valuable employee. The two bosses argued with each other, one countering the other, based on the "facts" of her employment. She never said anything about her close-call with death or her near-death experiences. This incident, completely documented and on file at her employment, illustrates how remarkably an experiencer can change - and in a substantial way. She wraps up her story with an explanation of time and the difference between how she experienced time on the "other side" versus this side. –PMH

Clare- "The Alpha and Omega"

Clare’s case is quite vivid and fresh. She was only four weeks out when she first contacted me. I am carrying it in two-parts. The first is her near-death experience, with a lengthy description of what she initially felt during the surgery and then what she experienced on the Other Side. Notice her visitation from “Ascended Masters” and what she was told. Part two is brief, as Clare begins to experience aftereffects and deep meaningful dreams. I am especially grateful to Clare for her willingness to share as she has. The newness of it all jumps from the page. You want to hug her and whisper in her ear, “Your aftereffects are just beginning. Read all you can about them, and they will be easier to handle.” --Dr. P.M.H. Atwater

Chris - My Face-to-face encounter with Jesus Christ

In the case study you are about to read are many exacting medical details plus the incredible passion of a man forever changed by his near-death experience. His name is Chris Russell and he is convinced he saw the face of Jesus Christ. He went on to have more heart trouble and wound up in surgery, necessitating an oxygen mask afterward. This time that awesome Light most experiencers see came by itself to see him, envelop him, and heal him, leaving his doctors in total puzzlement.
NDE Cases