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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Shiksa Yisrael - the NDE of a Jewish Psychic

Here is a case of a woman who changed religions several times before her near-death experience. Her episode was dark, within the blackness of a void-like space. She saw a white city filled with happy people in the distance. She went there and saw Jesus, who smiled at her. A black curtain dropped and she returned to her body. (Notice the blackness and reoccurring dark - not negative - but as precursors to higher states of spirituality and joy.) Interestingly, because of her near-death experience, her husband, a Muslim, converted to Christianity. Religion can be and often is a major issue one way or another for near-death experiencers. Afterward, most are drawn to more mystical, metaphysical, or Eastern types of worship. For those who stay within their established church, they tend to become more charismatic and willing to work for change within their church. The experiencer gave me permission to use her full name. ~PMH

Patty - "My Brief Experience with Death"

For almost ten years, just the thought of talking about the details of my experience with death and the afterlife would make me sob uncontrollably. I don’t know why, because the experience was so wonderful and enlightening...


It is difficult to determine in Michael's case how close he was to physical death. He certainly was in the throes of a drug overdose (or suffering from a bad batch of the chemical he took). His experience was hellishžand his aftereffects genuine. Whether his was a near-death or near-death-like episode, it is inspiring to see how he chose to deal with the many challenges he had to face afterwards. Far too many people grew up in a household like he did, confused about God, and ill-prepared for life. That he used the hell he went through as a "wake-up call" to make significant changes in his life - and very much for the better - is an inspiration to all of us, and proof that hellish or distressing episodes can and often do lead to positive change.
Dr. P.M.H.Atwater

Mellen-Thomas Benedict- "Through the Light"

Mellen-Thomas Benedict's case is part of my original near-death research; a brief version of it appears in my book, BEYOND THE LIGHT. I can attest that his case is genuine and his claims about the brain tumor and the conditions of his death are true. I have met his mother and step-father, been in his and their homes, and have followed his life since - his struggles and his accomplishments - as he sought to find a way to integrate his experience into his daily life while still honoring the mission he feltžguided to fulfill. What you are about to read has a hint of mystery to it, and this is the mystery: this version of his story (which reads like an article) is actually a transcription of a tape made of ažtalk hežgavežabout a decade ago. Whoever did the transcription then put the story on the Internet for free distribution. Five different people sent it to me, so I contactedžMellen-Thomas to discuss the situation. He and I both felt it was as if the Universe, his soul, God, was saying to him. . . "It's time now to open up and share your story. You have something to say that needs to be heard." Whoever put his material on the Internet did the man a favor, actually, did all of us a favor,žand not just because his is such an interesting case (it truly is) - but because ofžhow he has matured since and what he has learned.

--Dr. P.M.H.Atwater

Ken - "The River of Life"

Events surrounding the experience:
I have no knowledge of events at the accident scene or surrounding me in the emergency room. These events are told to me by the people who were there...

Guenter - "Themes of Good and Evil"

You will be surprised by this account from Guenter Wagner of Germany. His near-death experience when 11 years old is not at all like the reports of loving encounters with the Light that the public is used to hearing from both adult and child experiencers. But then, a lot of accounts deviate as his does from the so-called "classical model." He originally termed his episode an "out-of-body experience." Still, it has all the characteristics of near-death, as well as those more typical to youngsters, so for that reason I am publishing it herein the NDE Cases Section. Notice how themes of good and evil interweave the scenario,and,how he as a child is lectured and even taunted by a predominant"Voice" - to the extent of becoming as fearful and confused as elated. Information about future careers and achievements are common to childhood accounts, as well as stern or threatening messages given with great authority. I refer you to my book,CHILDREN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, which details how children's near-death experiences can differ from those of adults, and how suicidal tendencies and alcoholism can be a problem afterwards. This account is followed by some personal data from Guenter Wagner, and then a brief Question/Answer exchange. Although he remembers very little in the way of aftereffects, I suspect he was far more affected by this experience than he admits(children tend to ignore or compensate for"differences").
Dr. P.M.H.Atwater

Dixie - "I Know That God Hears Me"

Many experiences people have, especially the young, are brief and involve darkness instead of light. Some are difficult to classify, and may be near-death-like experiences instead. Regardless of "labels," such brief episodes can be not only memorable but life changing. Dixie shares what happened to her when she was in her late teens.

--Dr. P.M.H.Atwater
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