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One of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon!

Sandra - A Larger Focus

I had an abortion that went very wrong, my uterus was perforated and part of my large intestine was pulled through. The doctor did not open me up and he sent me back to the ward. A priest came to see a woman opposite me and came straight to me as I was outside my body and not able to do anything. He pushed the emergency button and I followed my body. I was 19. I did not know a name for what happened as I travelled home ’off planet' and had a full life review I watched the operation before I left.  I choose to come back and was in hospital for 5 months all alone, my mother was deceased. No one knew what happened to me nor the people whom I left my new baby son with.  It has lead to an amazing life story.
I tried to speak about it but learned to bury it for all the reasons and more. I recovered eventually but became sensitive to all mainstream medicine then from all the antibiotics, morphine etc.
I did not understand this then.
I left California and traveled to England and Europe in 1972 and never returned. In 1974 I gave birth to twin girls having been told I could never have another child. Many health issues throughout my life... other operations and finally 11 years later I gave birth to a son. Subsequent years led to more operations and I have returned home many times, meaning off planet. I am now age 66. I have left out a lot of my story.
However the most amazing thing has been the connection to home and I am able to see health issues in myself and other people.
I never researched NDE’s I couldn’t share it until now and when I watched you all at Findhorn a place 'I Love’ I cried my heart out and still do. It was so wonderful to learn from you in ‘Words'. Because for me, with off planet work its feelings and somehow words to describe the ALL of it all can be very difficult.
One of the most amazing parts of my life is where I ended up. I was married to a man in UK who was delivered by a village doctor related to my USA family, first cousins. I now live in a home I am selling that belonged to our family and only found this out a few years ago through my sister when a relative died. A family member came over on the Mayflower to the USA and left his wife and children behind
I found out 10 years ago, our family were signatories of the Declaration of Independence, Roger Sherman and General Sherman all part of the same family. I also found out three years ago that the Mansion was bequeathed to Arch Angel Michael when some ancient documents surfaced and I was invited to see them unveiled. And it keeps going on and being more amazing. In my career as an Antique expert I have met many connections to my life and family and so much more.
I never knew what my life would become when I started out from the USA all those years ago with my baby son. But one thing I know is my connection to the ‘All' that is. I realise that my mother died in order for me to have my life. She has been my guide along with other family members.  It feels safe to speak now but I still have to be careful to whom but I have helped many people cross over and worked always for the good of humanity. I am living in Scotland part time while making the transition from my business which is where I plan to live.
Like you, I love research now that I have freed up my time. I love being in nature and 'just being'. I am serving Spirit in a new way through giving people a wonderful Scotland Holiday
experience on a Loch with wild birds and deer and the most beautiful scenery 'Gods Country' my Partner Russell and I call it.
God Bless, Mary Sandra
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